Surprisingly These People Make More Money Than You!

Here is a really interesting infographic I recently discovered over at This image details the average pay across the United States for various jobs/professions.

Next to each career and its salary is a different job from another area. A career that you might not realize makes more money than the other “respectable” job.

Very interesting indeed.

As an aside, I’d like to think that most Social Media Specialists make more than $48,000 a year, but that’s another post entirely.

Thanks to borisbenko and andysmith for their work on this.

Surprisingly these people make more money than you!

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How to Run a Successful Facebook Contest

I think most of us realize by now the awesome power of Facebook-hosted contests and sweepstakes. If not, take a moment and read this article from Social Media Examiner. When it comes to running a contest or sweepstakes on Facebook, there are many important aspects to consider. You need to be sure to stay on the right side of the law – both Facebook’s and the government’s – when you create your promotion. There are many other little details that can make or break a contest, so it pays to do your homework first.

I recently came across this handy-dandy infographic from the fine folks at ShortStack, and it is a great resource to consult before you dive into creating your next amazing app!

original_Facebook Contest Checklist-page-001

Now you have the tools you need to make your next social media promotion a big winner!

If you have any questions on best practices for running a contest, feel free to contact me directly at sswentek {at} yahoo {dot} com.

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