Just Say No to Negativity or How My Girlfriend Saved My Life

My girlfriend saved my life last weekend.

Not in any dramatic, newsworthy way you might automatically be drawn to imagine, but rather – through a simple mental trick. Maybe it was newsworthy, because it is spurring me to write this post, which could carry as much benefit for someone else as it has for me.

“What’s the trick?”, you’re probably thinking. Well let me tell you what she told me: “Let’s try not to think or say anything negative for one week.” As a perennially glass half-full type of guy, this didn’t sound like much of a challenge to me. I’m also fairly certain no man has ever turned down an offer from his significant other to complain less. So off we went.

What happened next surprised me; actually, it changed me. I hadn’t realized how often I let little things bother me and get in the way of my goals. After the very first day of our mission, I was already starting to see a positive difference. The big bang, if you will, came as I laid down to bed last night. I was feeling somewhat unburdened and optimistic, and was looking forward to a full night’s sleep before attacking the day. Wouldn’t you know it though, I could not fall asleep. I tried everything: shifting positions constantly, turning music on and off, opening a window, shutting the window, drinking some water; nothing was working.

The funny thing is, I didn’t so much mind. What was keeping me up was mentally planning some of the more important things I’ll ever do in my life: propose to my girlfriend, and exchange vows at our wedding. My mind was so freed from all the negative thoughts that had been clogging it up, that suddenly I was able to concentrate on the things that really mattered. The amount I was able to accomplish the following day was mind-boggling, and I’ll be writing a future post about how “Baby Steps Bestow Bounteous Successes”.

Here’s what is funny about this story. Are you ready for this? After finally falling asleep, and getting only four hours of rest, I woke up actually feeling MORE rejuvenated and ready to attack the day than I had in months. I don’t know how to explain it other than this: I’d been spending so much time worrying about things and events I can’t control, that I had allowed negative energy to sap a lot of my creative juices. The result was usually waking up groggy and unmotivated, even though I was getting the recommended amount of sleep.

The overarching message here is simple, though it may sound difficult to some:

Change the way you think.

Crazy, right? Now, I’m not telling you to change your views, your beliefs, or anything like that. Simply make the switch from concerning yourself with negativity and insignificant problems, and focus on the present positives, future goals and past accomplishments of your life.

I’ll be giving my lady a big hug and kiss tonight; because she saved my life.

Lou and I making out


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